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Tracks on In the Garden

1. One Day at a Time

2. Coat of Many Colors

3. Far Side Banks of Jordan

4. I Believe

5. In the Garden

6. Love Remains

7. All My Tears

8. Peace in the Valley

9. Where No One Stands Alone

10. Poor Wayfaring Stranger

11. Amazing Grace

12. God Bless America

In the Garden CD

Expected to ship by end of June

    This is our first album and we are so excited to share it with you.

    Sarah: Lead vocals, backup vocals, rhythm guitar, graphic design, illustration, photography.

    Elizabeth (age 10/11): Lead vocals, backup vocals, lead guitar, fiddle, mandolin, piano, uke bass, percussion.

    Grace (age 3): Lead vocals.


    If you have any issues with your shipment please contact us so we may fix the situation.


    Shipping is a $5 flat fee per order. Your order will ship through the United States Postal Service (USPS) and will typically take 3-7 days to ship anywhere in the United States. Currently shipping to the United States only.

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